Plainfield House

The Laundry Room

I finally kinda came up with a plan for the laundry room. The room really hasn’t changed at all since I last talked about it. Half the floor is still ripped up, and theres still no washer or dryer. I haven’t had to go to the laundromat since we lived in LA, so these last few weeks have been rough. First world problems, I know. As of 5 seconds ago, this is what the laundry room currently looks like. Yikes. I just kinda closed the door and forgot about this room.



I want to take down the cabinets over the washer and dryer. I think the space will open up once they are gone, plus I’m short average height and I can’t reach anything in them. There are cabinets on another wall, so these will not be missed. The light needs to go, the walls and ceiling need to be painted, the floor needs to be changed. I need to patch the holes from when we updated the electrical panel, pipes need to be changed, and a bunch of other things I can’t remember right now.


This is the plan for now. I have been dying for a shiny black penny tile floor, I love this light from West Elm, front loading washer and dryer, and all the other goodies. I still need to find new cabinet pulls, a new utility stink and who knows what other surprises we will find. Hopefully this week we can get the rest of the floor ripped up and the holes patched up. The plan is to attack this room over Christmas break.

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