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The Laundry Room Update

When we last left off I was just barely coming up with a plan for the laundry room. Well, weeks later the damn room still isnt done. We got a little busy after my sister had her twins. We watched her cow of a yellow lab for a week and she was not a fan of the nail gun. So we kinda took an unexpected vacation from the laundry room. I will break it up into a few catch up posts. Otherwise, sensory overload.

I have this really nice, high quality panoramic to show you where we last left off.

Laundry_Room (1 of 1)

Once everything was out of the room, Keith ripped up 2 layers of flooring (and 2 layers of plywood) to get down to the floor boards. Half of the floor was so rotted, it just peeled right up. Most of the nail heads were even rusted off. There were at least 3 different spots of leaks in this room. I swear in person the room looked way worse. The pictures make it look about half as bad. Its funny how that works.

Laundry_Room (1 of 23)

See all those spots on the floor? Yeah, rotted floor boards. Keith had to cut them all out and replace them. The laundry room was looking extra scary for a few days. We had a huge hole in the floor and freaking mosquitoes! Mosquitoes! In the winter. And they were huge. Yuck!

Laundry_Room (2 of 23)

Laundry_Room (6 of 23)

After the holes were filled we tackled the plumbing, which took weeks.  All the pipes are original copper pipes and were starting to leak. My dad and Keith took all the pipes out and started from scratch. We moved the whole house filter, and took out the water filter that goes to the kitchen sink (it will be moved under the sink). This felt like the longest step. They would get something hooked up, turn the water on, and there would be leaks. They would fix the leak, oh but wait, now its leaking here. Pain in the ass. Now I get why plumbers charge so much.

Laundry_Room (4 of 23)

Laundry_Room (3 of 23)

Our next step was cement board. We used some sheets that were left over from the cabin and covered the floor. Quinn got to help a few times during this process, so he was pretty excited. He even got to buy his own tape measurer and Sharpie.

Laundry_Room (7 of 23)

Laundry_Room (8 of 23)

I was so excited to get to the whole laying tile part of the room. It took weeks to get to this point. And I just summed it all up in a few sentences. Ugh. Oh well. Keith was up at the cabin with my dad the weekend I tiled the floor. That was quite the weekend. We were going a week at a time without the hot water heater. Our washer was delivered, I was exhausted and so over this room. I busted ass to get it all done that weekend.

Laundry_Room (13 of 23)

Laundry_Room (14 of 23)

Everything went pretty smooth on the tile end. Thank God. I couldnt take any more curve balls with this room. Then I started to grout. My dumb ass bought charcoal grout instead of black. There was no way I was running back to the store, so I just went with it. Keith likes it, but I dont. It looks country. I wanted black on black, gah!

Monday I will post the rest of the catch up!



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