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Surprises That Rip Your Heart Out


A few weeks ago while we were removing old paneling from the office, we discovered original wood flooring under the carpet. I have this huge beef with carpet, I hate it. It’s nasty. Finding this hardwood was amazing. It looks 10 times better in person too, these photos don’t do it justice.

Our excitement grew with every inch of carpet we ripped up. This was better then either of us expected. We had alway planned on installing new floors, but original mid century floors? Way better. We went room by room until we made it down the hall. We started ripping up the carpet in the living room where we spotted old linoleum flooring. And thats when the surprise ripped my heart out. THE WOOD STOPS AT THE DAMN LIVING ROOM. Seriously, what the fuck. So here we are. No longer excited.

I picked out some hardwood flooring a month ago, before we knew this was under part of the carpet. Do I scrap all of this and put in brand new stuff? Agh. I really wanted to keep this original flooring. Maybe I will have some luck and find some salvaged? I got the name of a flooring guy who can “copy it”, but who knows how much that would cost. Or maybe we DIY it ourselves? At least I have time to look. For now we are stuck with wood, linoleum, and then some neon green carpet in the front room. But that room is a whole other story for a different day.

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