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One Month Ago

One month ago I got a call that has forever changed my life. 

The day started like any other day. Quinn was playing in his room, and I spent the morning cleaning up for my grandma, my mom and sister to stop by for a visit. I was texting my sister all morning, like usual. They were going to be picking up my grandma for a doctors appointment and then we were all going out to Olive Garden for lunch. My sister had texted me around 10:30 asking if I could look up a dance store so they could pick up Olivia’s dance shoes. She mentioned that they had called my grandma and she didn’t answer, my mom was worried she over slept and they would be late to the appointment.

Several minutes later my sister texted me again that they each started calling my grandma and she wasn’t answering any of their calls. My mom’s mind started racing, maybe she fell when she was getting out of the shower? There is a big step and she’s on blood thinner, she could be hurt. Whatever it was, they needed to hurry up and get there to make sure she was ok. My mom drove as fast as she could to get there to make sure my grandma was ok.

And thats when our lives flew off track. 

My sister texted me: Melissa, mom thinks she’s dead. I think she’s dead. All I could reply was huh? I thought no way, I just talked to her last night, she was fine. Mom must be over reacting. Except she wasn’t. I called my sister right away and she was hysterically crying, “Melissa, she’s dead. Grandma is dead.” Everything just stopped. I went numb, I didn’t know what to say except for are you serious? Are you serious? You’re not joking?

I stayed on the phone with my sister as she waited outside for my mom. My grandma always leaves her bedroom window cracked and she could hear my mom yelling, “Mom! Mom!” A few minutes later I could hear my mom in the background saying, “God took her. Shes with him now.”

The rest of the day was just a blur. My sister called her husband and he left work early to pick her up. They left right as the ambulance was pulling in the driveway. My mom kept calling me with updates throughout the day. First the ambulance, then the police arrived, then the coroner.

She passed away peacefully in her sleep, sometime around 2am. There were no signs of distress, my mom found her perfectly laying in her bed as if she had fallen asleep and just drifted away.

Its taken me a few days to get through this post. Its a day I want to forget, but it will be forever engraved in my memory. My grandma has been a strong Christian woman throughout her life and even though my heart still aches, I can find comfort in knowing she finally arrived to her forever home in Heaven.




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