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My Grandma’s House

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Ever since I was young, my grandma’s house has been one of my favorite places. She has this huge yard with the best climbing tree I have ever seen, a bay window in the front room I always loved to sit it, and a great view from any window in the house. My grandma loved her house so much, and so do I.

After she passed away, the question came up. What are we going to do with her house? None of us want to sell it, I mean, it’s my grandmas house! We can see anyone else living there, It needs to stay in the family. We need to continue our family memories in this house. My parents have a nice house they custom built when I was 16 and my dad dosent want to downsize to my grandma’s house, he wants a house in the country. My sister just bought a house in the country not more then 4 months ago. She’s not gonna sell her house either. So that leaves me and Keith. We are not country folk, we like our city life style. We have been casually looking for a new house the last year or so, and my grandma’s house is still right in the center of everything. It just so happens to only be about a 15 min drive from where we live now.

I’m sure you can see where this is going. We are buying her house. I can’t be more excited. I want to take this as a fresh start for my family. I want us to get back to enjoying the small things in life, cut down on screen time and just have fun. Go on adventures and explore, camp out in the back yard, tell stories around a camp fire, create just for the sake of creating (photography, video, design, everything). I want less fighting (ahem, Quinn..) and more laughing. I want to get back to family fun and less stress, I want to go run around outside and use our imagination. I want to grow as a family and as a married couple.

I want to grab life by the horns, not sit back and let it pass.

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