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The Laundry Room Update Part 2

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So, part 2 of the laundry room update. I don’t know if you noticed a nice hole in the wall in any photos of the first part of this update or not. Its just kinda there all of a sudden. When Keith was replacing the floor boards the wall kinda.. crumbled. And wouldn’t stop. So now we needed to cover this hole. Our options were to totally re drywall the wall, patch the wall, or figure out some way to just cover it up and forget about it.

Im so sick of pouring money into this room, so I had to come up with a cheap / fast option. I looked online for hours, then I found this photo and it was perfect. We can do diy shiplap. It will look good, it will be cheap, and it will be fast. Phew, thank God.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.53.57 AMSource

My laundry room is a cheap version of this photo. I went to Home Depot and bought some underlayment for $12 a board and had them cut it into 6″ strips. Then I shoved all of the boards into my Prius haha. They just barely fit, and it was below zero that day. I was pretty excited I didn’t have to drive home with the boards hanging out the window.


The shiplap was super easy to install. We leveled the bottom piece then used liquid nails on the back, and finished with the nail gun. We used nickels as spacers between the boards.  I sanded the boards after they were on the wall. I wanted them to look old and worn, so sanding them on the wall left them a little imperfect (which I liked). So if you want perfectly sanded edges, sand before you install.

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After 3 coats of paint (I used Benjamin Moore Simply White) you are left with this. We did get another awesome surprise when we hooked up the washer and dryer. The damn dryer didn’t work. It took 5 cycles to dry the clothes. So we had to go get a new dryer. Of course. And the water softener. That apparently hasn’t worked in a few years. So we had to get a new one of those too.

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We still have a decent to do list in this room:

+ Finish shiplap
+ Add trim
+ Fix hole over electrical panel
+ Paint top half of the room and ceiling
+ Paint cabinets
+ Finish sanding countertop
+ Install new light
+ Build shelf over washer and dryer

I am hoping to mostly finish this room this weekend. Naperville is almost finished and ready for the market (I’ll post pictures soon) so we should be able to spend most of the weekend here.

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