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Hello Ft Myers Beach!

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Ahh, nothing like a week in Florida! Every October we head down to Ft Myers Beach, FL. My family has been going to the same resort since I was a little younger then Quinn. I love that we get to make memories as a family at one of my favorite childhood places.

We kicked the trip off in Gulf Shores, AL. I found out I had strep throat (3rd time in 2 months, awesome) the first morning there, so I didnt get to see very much. From there we took a surprise Disney trip, then made our way to Ft Myers Beach. The week was full of shell hunting, pirates, sunsets, and pool time. It was a much needed break from reality.

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Chicago Weekday Trip

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Ever since we moved out of Chicago, I these cravings to go up there. A few weeks ago my mom called and was dying to go spend the night up in the city. Of course I was like oh hell yes! We spent the day dripping in sweat and fighting the crowd at Maggie Daley Park and Millennium Park and spent the night lounging in the pool.

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Life Lately

IMG_8033 IMG_8043 IMG_8050 IMG_8021I feel like life lately has been a little crazy. Quinn has already had several birthday parties, and play dates, School of Rock, vacation bible school, park days and zoo days so far this summer. We have had a pretty full schedule so far and things have been a little quiet over here. I hope to be posting more now that things are hopefully slowing down some. I should be back this week to finally post the kitchen reveal and operation ‘get the shit out of the house’ has officially begun.

We had a pretty good Father’s Day yesterday. We drove down to my sisters for a cook out and the kids played in the pool most of the day. We had chicken on the grill and ribs in the smoker and all kinds of sides and fruit. It was a little warm, but was a good day overall.

Later in the evening we had to run a camera up to the city. We miss it up there so much. It was just the perfect summer night and all we wanted to do was go find some parks to play at. But Quinn forgot his shoes at Kellys. So we drove around instead. Hopefully we will be spending more time up in the city this summer. There is always so much to do, I can never get sick of it up there.
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Chicago Saturday

untitled-3Saturday my mom picked us up for a much needed Chicago trip. The weather was beautiful, the city was perfect, and it was an all around good time. We ate lunch at Navy Pier and walked around to check out all the renovating they have been doing. I can’t wait to see how it looks when finished. We always loved Navy Pier when we lived just a few blocks away. I know most people living in the city try to avoid it, but it really is a fun place.

There were so many different events going on over the weekend. Its one reason I love Chicago so much. Once the summer starts there are always festivals and different events going on in different parts of the city. Spring Awakening was going on at Solider Field, The Blues Fest in Grant Park, The Maggie Daley Park dedication, and I don’t even know what else. There was a Special Olympics event going on and a cover band preforming outside Navy Pier. Quinn and my mom got to dance to one of Quinn’s favorite songs (light em up, Fall Out Boy) before we headed over to the beach.

Olive Beach is our favorite little beach in the city. The crowd is usually smaller then the other Chicago beaches and you get a great city view. Its like a little hidden gem, some people don’t even know its there. Quinn got to splash around in the water and build a lady bug castle. The air was warm and the water was cool. Perfect beach day.









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Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Hey guys! Hope every had a great Memorial Day weekend.

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Thursday and Friday Keith was down in Peoria shooting some b-roll for a feature length film called The Outfield. Saturday we went down to my sisters new house in Gardner. Its such a different world then Naperville. We saw more tractors then cars, but it really is peaceful and quiet down there.

untitled-8769Quinn and Olivia spent hours just running around, playing with the hose, riding the Frozen Mustang, and just being carefree. I love the huge smiles they get having fun and just being kids. It really is priceless.

untitled-8707untitled-8712untitled-8719untitled-8748untitled-8783untitled-8792untitled-8811untitled-8815Sunday my dad took Quinn to see the Avengers movie, which he loved. Later that night the 3 of us drove down to Minooka (I grew up one town over) to look at an old farmhouse for sale. It needs a bunch of work, but its on 5 acres and has a few buildings and a silo. The closest neighbor is about a half mile down the road, but it is so nice. You can see from miles in any direction and its not very far out of town. So who knows, but we gotta get our place sold first!

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Pumpkin Farm Round 2

My niece Olivia was over last weekend when Keith was editing our pumpkin farm video and she was instantly hooked on going to Sonny Acres. So Saturday we met my sister and brother in law for another day at the farm.

The kids rode on the rides, pet some animals, ate pizza and suckers, got their faces painted and had so much fun!





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Fun on the Pumpkin Farm!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! This weekend we headed out to Sonny Acres Farm in West Chicago. We usually go to the same farm every year, but this year I wanted to go some place new and I am so happy we did! Sonny Acres was perfect! We all agree, it is our new favorite pumpkin farm.

They have different carnival type rides for kids,  pony and camel rides, a play area, sweet snacks, all kinds of goodies. Quinn had so much fun and is already begging to go back.

Here are more photos from this weekend (from my phone):


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Labor Day Weekend

How was your weekend? Quinn skipped school on friday and we drove up to the cabin. It was nice to have one last hurrah, but the weather was kinda crappy  cozy most of the weekend. It was in the low 60s, and rainy which is perfect at home but not so much when your taking a little vacation.

Keith went fishing with my dad, Dube (we all call my brother in law by his last name), and my dads friend Tom. Me and my sister took the kids antique shopping, fishing, 4 wheeler rides, all kinds of fun stuff.

My parents just bought a few acres on a lake right next to the cabin. So while the guys were out fishing on Sunday, we took the kids to the new property to fish off the dock. Quinn usually isnt to into fishing, but for some reason this weekend he was really excited about it.



labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_9 labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_10 labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_11 labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_12 labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_13 labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_14 labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_15labor-day-weekend-north-woods-wicsonsin-fishing-vacation_7


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North Woods Weekend

My parents have a cabin in the North Woods, about 15 minutes outside of Minocqua, Wi. Over the weekend we took a trip with my dad and brought Olivia along to. Quinn and Olivia always have fun together. They are more like brother and sister then cousins. The two of them have grown up very close and I love that. I dont have that relationship with my cousins and I think it is sad. If you dont have family, then what do you have?
north-woods-vacation-summer-2We all had a really fun weekend full of exploring the woods, looking for berries, jumping on the trampoline, and 4 wheeler rides. It was a much needed break, Keith has a second interview and I have an interview tomorrow morning. It was nice to clear our heads before tackling this week!

north-woods-vacation-summer-5 north-woods-vacation-summer-6 north-woods-vacation-summer-7 north-woods-vacation-summer-8

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Chicago Sunday!

Ahh, Sundays. They make the best family days, don’t they? Yesterday the weather was pretty close to perfect so after church we decided to head over to the water building (aka Crown Fountain) to play.

chicago-millenium-park-father-son-holding-handsThe water buildings were one of our favorite spots when we lived in the city. Quinn could play there for hours. There are always a ton of kids (and adults) splashing around.

millenium-park-chicago-crown-fountain-boy-summermillenium-park-chicago-crown-fountain-boy-summer-2I love watching Quinn run off and play. He enjoys playing with everyone. Age dosent matter, boy or girl, he dosent care. He just wants to have fun and I love that about him. He has such a good little personality and I love just sitting back and watching him.

millenium-park-chicago-crown-fountain-boy-summer-5millenium-park-chicago-crown-fountain-boy-summer-3millenium-park-chicago-crown-fountain-boy-summer-4He is always soaked in the end, but I don’t care. That smile that lights up his is so worth it.