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The Flooring plan

Not too long ago, I posted about this amazing surprise that ended up ripping my heart out. Basically, we discovered original wood flooring under the carpet in our new house. We were so excited, until we reached the living room. And the flooring stopped. We were left with ugly laminate flooring from who knows when.


So in one part of the house we had this amazing original floor, dying to be restored, and the other end was full of multiple layers of weird laminates and green carpet.  I looked everywhere to try to find a match to this wood flooring, but had zero luck. We came to the conclusion that we would have to rip up this floor. I want a house that flows together, not choppy rooms and different floors.

So here we are, ready to buy our flooring. But I just couldn’t. I knew I needed to look one more time. I came across this article (posted 3 days before I found it). It was my damn floor! And places I could find it! It was clearly meant to be. I ordered a sample and got it a few weeks ago. Its almost a perfect match. Just 50+ years newer.


So now, I finally have a flooring plan for this house. I know this is the most legit floor plan known to man, but try to control your excitement while I explain.

floorplanSo, the original flooring stops right where the corner of the utility room meets the living room. The new wood flooring will be going in the dining room / music room on the other side of the house. No one will ever know its brand new, it can be our secret. The kitchen, living room, and that little entry way hallway will be a slate tile floor.

Now, I know what your thinking. Tile in the living room?! What the heck? Like I tell my mom, trust me on this. We use the sliding door in the living room all the time to go outside. Think about snow, rain, dirt, and everything else that will end up on the floor. Tile will be so easy to clean, plus I want the two rooms to feel like one big room. I will be buying the tile soon, so Ill wait to share that!

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Kitchen Inspiration

Didn’t I just barely post kitchen inspiration? It sure feels like it. Naperville was on the market for 2 days before we got an offer and became contingent. If everything stays on track, closing will be April 11th. So, shit. That means I need to kick it in high gear. I still need to finish the laundry room, but I also need to plan out the kitchen and flooring throughout the house. And new appliances. I need to get my brain going and get some inspiration flowing.

kitchen inspirationSource

kitchen inspirationSource

kitchen inspirationSource

kitchen inspirationSource

kitchen inspirationSource

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Plainfield House

The Laundry Room Update Part 2

Laundry_Room (16 of 23)

So, part 2 of the laundry room update. I don’t know if you noticed a nice hole in the wall in any photos of the first part of this update or not. Its just kinda there all of a sudden. When Keith was replacing the floor boards the wall kinda.. crumbled. And wouldn’t stop. So now we needed to cover this hole. Our options were to totally re drywall the wall, patch the wall, or figure out some way to just cover it up and forget about it.

Im so sick of pouring money into this room, so I had to come up with a cheap / fast option. I looked online for hours, then I found this photo and it was perfect. We can do diy shiplap. It will look good, it will be cheap, and it will be fast. Phew, thank God.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.53.57 AMSource

My laundry room is a cheap version of this photo. I went to Home Depot and bought some underlayment for $12 a board and had them cut it into 6″ strips. Then I shoved all of the boards into my Prius haha. They just barely fit, and it was below zero that day. I was pretty excited I didn’t have to drive home with the boards hanging out the window.


The shiplap was super easy to install. We leveled the bottom piece then used liquid nails on the back, and finished with the nail gun. We used nickels as spacers between the boards.  I sanded the boards after they were on the wall. I wanted them to look old and worn, so sanding them on the wall left them a little imperfect (which I liked). So if you want perfectly sanded edges, sand before you install.

Laundry_Room (17 of 23)

Laundry_Room (18 of 23)

Laundry_Room (21 of 23)

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Laundry_Room (23 of 23)

After 3 coats of paint (I used Benjamin Moore Simply White) you are left with this. We did get another awesome surprise when we hooked up the washer and dryer. The damn dryer didn’t work. It took 5 cycles to dry the clothes. So we had to go get a new dryer. Of course. And the water softener. That apparently hasn’t worked in a few years. So we had to get a new one of those too.

Laundry_Room (20 of 23)

We still have a decent to do list in this room:

+ Finish shiplap
+ Add trim
+ Fix hole over electrical panel
+ Paint top half of the room and ceiling
+ Paint cabinets
+ Finish sanding countertop
+ Install new light
+ Build shelf over washer and dryer

I am hoping to mostly finish this room this weekend. Naperville is almost finished and ready for the market (I’ll post pictures soon) so we should be able to spend most of the weekend here.

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The Laundry Room Update

When we last left off I was just barely coming up with a plan for the laundry room. Well, weeks later the damn room still isnt done. We got a little busy after my sister had her twins. We watched her cow of a yellow lab for a week and she was not a fan of the nail gun. So we kinda took an unexpected vacation from the laundry room. I will break it up into a few catch up posts. Otherwise, sensory overload.

I have this really nice, high quality panoramic to show you where we last left off.

Laundry_Room (1 of 1)

Once everything was out of the room, Keith ripped up 2 layers of flooring (and 2 layers of plywood) to get down to the floor boards. Half of the floor was so rotted, it just peeled right up. Most of the nail heads were even rusted off. There were at least 3 different spots of leaks in this room. I swear in person the room looked way worse. The pictures make it look about half as bad. Its funny how that works.

Laundry_Room (1 of 23)

See all those spots on the floor? Yeah, rotted floor boards. Keith had to cut them all out and replace them. The laundry room was looking extra scary for a few days. We had a huge hole in the floor and freaking mosquitoes! Mosquitoes! In the winter. And they were huge. Yuck!

Laundry_Room (2 of 23)

Laundry_Room (6 of 23)

After the holes were filled we tackled the plumbing, which took weeks.  All the pipes are original copper pipes and were starting to leak. My dad and Keith took all the pipes out and started from scratch. We moved the whole house filter, and took out the water filter that goes to the kitchen sink (it will be moved under the sink). This felt like the longest step. They would get something hooked up, turn the water on, and there would be leaks. They would fix the leak, oh but wait, now its leaking here. Pain in the ass. Now I get why plumbers charge so much.

Laundry_Room (4 of 23)

Laundry_Room (3 of 23)

Our next step was cement board. We used some sheets that were left over from the cabin and covered the floor. Quinn got to help a few times during this process, so he was pretty excited. He even got to buy his own tape measurer and Sharpie.

Laundry_Room (7 of 23)

Laundry_Room (8 of 23)

I was so excited to get to the whole laying tile part of the room. It took weeks to get to this point. And I just summed it all up in a few sentences. Ugh. Oh well. Keith was up at the cabin with my dad the weekend I tiled the floor. That was quite the weekend. We were going a week at a time without the hot water heater. Our washer was delivered, I was exhausted and so over this room. I busted ass to get it all done that weekend.

Laundry_Room (13 of 23)

Laundry_Room (14 of 23)

Everything went pretty smooth on the tile end. Thank God. I couldnt take any more curve balls with this room. Then I started to grout. My dumb ass bought charcoal grout instead of black. There was no way I was running back to the store, so I just went with it. Keith likes it, but I dont. It looks country. I wanted black on black, gah!

Monday I will post the rest of the catch up!



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The Laundry Room

I finally kinda came up with a plan for the laundry room. The room really hasn’t changed at all since I last talked about it. Half the floor is still ripped up, and theres still no washer or dryer. I haven’t had to go to the laundromat since we lived in LA, so these last few weeks have been rough. First world problems, I know. As of 5 seconds ago, this is what the laundry room currently looks like. Yikes. I just kinda closed the door and forgot about this room.



I want to take down the cabinets over the washer and dryer. I think the space will open up once they are gone, plus I’m short average height and I can’t reach anything in them. There are cabinets on another wall, so these will not be missed. The light needs to go, the walls and ceiling need to be painted, the floor needs to be changed. I need to patch the holes from when we updated the electrical panel, pipes need to be changed, and a bunch of other things I can’t remember right now.


This is the plan for now. I have been dying for a shiny black penny tile floor, I love this light from West Elm, front loading washer and dryer, and all the other goodies. I still need to find new cabinet pulls, a new utility stink and who knows what other surprises we will find. Hopefully this week we can get the rest of the floor ripped up and the holes patched up. The plan is to attack this room over Christmas break.

Enjoy Life, Plainfield House

Let’s Be Real Honest

I’m gonna be real honest here. My house looks like an episode of hoarders right now.  It’s a little chaotic, I can’t find anything, there’s shit all over this house. The laundry room floor is still half ripped up, and I don’t even have a plan for it yet. But, I love it here. I always knew there was something special about this house, and neighborhood but I could never put my finger on it. I think I finally figured it out.

This place is a little bit country, a little bit city. It is what we always dreamed of, but never thought it existed. Several years ago, we made a dream list of what we wanted in a home. We dreamed of a Mid Century home with a ton of windows, a private patio area, and attic space that could be turned into a studio. We thought about location, it has to be in an urban setting. We like to be close to everything but want to feel secluded to. Kinda an oxymoron.

We have lived here for a few weeks now, and every day that goes by I realize how much this house fits into our dream. This house and neighborhood check off everything that was on our list. We are about half a mile from anything you can think of, yet I can go the whole day without seeing anyone. We found our perfect mix of an urban / country lifestyle. And to top it all off, it is my grandma’s house. This house holds her presence. I feel like she is here, watching over me.

There is a long way to go on the inside of this house, but it’m ok with that. This morning I took a long walk around the neighborhood and just explored. Every house here is different, most of them are Mid Century homes with a few older ones here and there. The trees stretch far up into the sky, towering over homes, and every block you can smell the wonderful scent of pine trees. I am so excited to grow here as a family. I think we are really gonna love it around here.

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Project 1: The Laundry / Utility Room

With our new discovery of the leaking washing machine, we will be starting our first real project in the house. The laundry / utility room. Not exactly the room I was expecting, but since we have already opened the can of worms we have no choice. So.. yay! We have already removed the washer, dryer and started ripping up the floor. We have to replace the subfloor in the whole room, rip out the plumbing and install a new electrical panel while were in there making a mess. Ugh. Such a headache. In the mean time I have been trying to figure out flooring, we need new lighting, and basically everything else. I really want a cute little laundry room, but with the furnace, water heater, and water softener in the room there is just no way. Im trying to keep it a practical room, but seriously how boring is that?

For now, I will leave you all with a few cute laundry rooms. I really need to figure out all this crap. Saturday we will be ripping it all out. So i need to get this back to a useable room as soon as possible. I have been going back to Naperville for laundry and that has already turned into a pain in the ass. The goal is to be back on Monday to share the plan for the room. Wish me luck!

36ae8e6d9441a01877aace54e325329cSourceSONY DSCSource

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Stressed Out

Today I should be writing about Quinn’s birthday and his huge surprise on Friday. But I can’t. My stress level is at an all time high and I need to vent. Since my grandma passed away in August I have felt my stress level rising every day. I have been going through all of her things, getting stuff ready for donation and trying to get rid of as much garbage as possible. At the same time I have been packing up our Naperville house, getting stuff ready for donation, throwing away stuff, packing up stuff for storage, and all the fun things that come associated with moving. In Plainfield we took care of the mold problem, got new insulation and drywall, added more vents in the attic, filled a hole in the foundation, caulked some cracks in the brick, caulked a few windows, I know theres more that I can’t even think of right now. We started moving in Saturday (Nov 7th), and I have been getting up early and driving Quinn to school in Naperville. My 3 min drive to school has turned into 30 min with the traffic.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I feel very lucky that I stay home and I can work on all of this during the day when Keith is at work. I just feel like I have a lot on my plate right now and it can be a little difficult at times. We have been unpacking, cleaning up, changing water filters and random stuff. Then last night around 9 I was throwing the laundry in the dryer and it was dripping wet. I realized all the laundry I have done here has been coming out of the washer a little too wet. We put the washer on spin and figured it would do the trick. But it didn’t. We tried it again. The damn thing won’t freaking spin and started to smell really hot. We unplugged the washer and Keith pulled it out so he could open up the back of the washing machine and hopefully figure out what was going on. Not only is the inside of the machine rusted out, he discovered the floor under the washer is totally rotted out. This washing machine has been leaking for who knows how long and has completely ruined the floor. Thankfully the washer didn’t fall through to the crawl space, but seriously..

I know none of this is really that big of a deal. No one got hurt, and it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. This just kinda set me over my stress limit and it was really the last thing we wanted to be dealing with at 10:30 on a Sunday night. Now it looks like we will be temporarily moving back to Naperville so we can rip apart the laundry room and fix the plumbing and all that lovely stuff.

But for real, this is my anthem today. Its on repeat all damn day. Ugh.

Plainfield House

Surprises That Rip Your Heart Out


A few weeks ago while we were removing old paneling from the office, we discovered original wood flooring under the carpet. I have this huge beef with carpet, I hate it. It’s nasty. Finding this hardwood was amazing. It looks 10 times better in person too, these photos don’t do it justice.

Our excitement grew with every inch of carpet we ripped up. This was better then either of us expected. We had alway planned on installing new floors, but original mid century floors? Way better. We went room by room until we made it down the hall. We started ripping up the carpet in the living room where we spotted old linoleum flooring. And thats when the surprise ripped my heart out. THE WOOD STOPS AT THE DAMN LIVING ROOM. Seriously, what the fuck. So here we are. No longer excited.

I picked out some hardwood flooring a month ago, before we knew this was under part of the carpet. Do I scrap all of this and put in brand new stuff? Agh. I really wanted to keep this original flooring. Maybe I will have some luck and find some salvaged? I got the name of a flooring guy who can “copy it”, but who knows how much that would cost. Or maybe we DIY it ourselves? At least I have time to look. For now we are stuck with wood, linoleum, and then some neon green carpet in the front room. But that room is a whole other story for a different day.

IMG_0985 (1)


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Easy Wallpaper Removal

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Im gonna let you all in on a little secret I just discovered. Today. Like, 7 hours ago. Easy wallpaper removal. I bet your thinking total oxymoron. No way removing wallpaper can be easy. Welp, it is.

We got a few walls worth of drywall at the new house over the weekend. Most of the new drywall areas are next to old wallpaper areas, and I don’t mean old as in 5 year old wallpaper, but more like 25+ year old wallpaper. So I have a ton of scraping to do so the drywall guys can tape and mud, and whatever else they do. I bought a wallpaper scraper, a scoring tool, and wasted way too much money on removal sprays and gels on Sunday. It was all working ok, but there was way to much repeating the process then I would of really liked. I just want to peel it, score it, spray it, and scrape it.

Sunday evening we went over to Ace so Keith could get some clamp things, and I browsed around for something that might actually work when taking this freaking wallpaper down. And there it was. At the end of the isle. In this random everything’s a dollar section. LA’s Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner. It says right on the bottle it removes glue. So this morning I went back to the new house to scrap this wallpaper, hoping this would work.


First thing I did was peel off the wallpaper. The top layer peeled right off in nice, big sections and left behind the terrible glue. I then used the scoring tool on the glue paper. Make sure you don’t press very hard. You want it to score the glue paper, but not damage the wall. I feel like the more holes you make the better. The holes help the cleaner get into both sides of the paper, so all the glue will come off nice and easy. Next, spray LA’s Totally Awesome all over. I like to really soak the wall then wait 5-10 minutes for the cleaner to work it’s magic. Grab your scraper and go to town! Most of the glue will scrape right off. Occasionally you get a stubborn little piece of the glue that the cleaner didn’t reach, so just grab the bottle and spray. After the paper is peeled, grab your 3M heavy duty stripping pad and lightly go over the wall. This will pick up any little glue piece that are clinging to the wall. I usually wipe the wall down with a rag after so it picks up any cleaner left on the wall, but it’s up to you if you do or don’t. I wont yell atcha.

I do recommend that you wear some protective wear while doing this. A face mask, gloves and some protective eyewear might not be a bad idea.