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Kitchen Inspiration

Didn’t I just barely post kitchen inspiration? It sure feels like it. Naperville was on the market for 2 days before we got an offer and became contingent. If everything stays on track, closing will be April 11th. So, shit. That means I need to kick it in high gear. I still need to finish the laundry room, but I also need to plan out the kitchen and flooring throughout the house. And new appliances. I need to get my brain going and get some inspiration flowing.

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Inspiration, Naperville House

Changing Around Bedrooms, Again

Growing up I had a huge bedroom that was always changing. I started with a blue room and a vintage bedroom set (probably where my love of vintage started), then onto a wallpapered room that was painted light purple on top,  a boarder with gym shoes with glow in the dark laces and striped wallpaper at the bottom of the wall and a waterbed. Next I got bunk beds (the kind with the futon at the bottom. I thought I was so bad ass) and my walls were covered in posters of Hanson and all the other crappy teenybop bands I was in love with. My very last bedroom, while still living at my parents, was a turquoise room with pink and black leopard print mixed with this chick on a bike and an Ikea set.

Quinn’s room seems to be on the same path as mine. His room isnt very big (12×9) and the need for change seems to come more frequently then mine ever did. We redid his room about a year and a half ago and have already made a few changes in the layout and furniture. This time we need to push it a little farther. He has been taking music lessons at the School of Rock for 9 months now, and is ready to move onto a full size drum set. Our house is on the small side, so we have no choice but to put it in his bedroom. I have already started sketching up some bed ideas. Im thinking a loft bed with a desk under so we can free up some floor space. I can add some shelving under the bed for his books and maybe a few toys. There wont be much room under there, but I think I can get it in a good place. Then the drum set can fit on the opposite wall.

We still have the black carpet squares, but plan on redoing the hardwood throughout the house hopefully by the end of the year / early spring. So all my planning is with the new floors in mind.









Inspiration, Naperville House

The Kitchen: A Plan and Inspiration!

With holidays coming up I have decided to put the bedroom on the back burner and head straight for the kitchen. We have lived in this house for almost 2 years and I have only painted 2 coats of primer on the cabinets. Its in desperate need of a facelift.

I have always had big plans for this kitchen and thought it would be the first room we would work on. Because you know, in my mind I was really gonna start cooking more and a nice kitchen would just make cooking those amazing family meals so much better…

kitchen-before-remodel(Photos from the day we looked at the house with the realtor)

When we first looked at the house, the kitchen didn’t seem too bad. There were some bookshelves, a crappy homemade wall shelf, rugs all over the floor, and most of the original appliances. Flash forward a few months to us moving in and realizing just how nasty the kitchen was. There was gunk and grime everywhere, inch thick dust on top of the light fixtures, plus all the crap they didn’t take with them for us to deal with.

kitchen-before-2(Photos from the day we closed)

I mean, just look at this brush that was next to the sink. Im assuming they washed their dishes with it? Shit was out of control. Barf.

kitchen-before-nasty-dirtyLet’s get that image out of your head, onto inspiration. I am a sucker for black and white, so of course, I am obsessed with Anna (DoorSixteen) and Daniel’s (Manhattan-Nest) kitchens.



Both are the perfect mix of black and white. They feel clean and refreshing, as well as warm and inviting. I want my kitchen to feel a little like both. I want a place where I can enjoy spending time making those amazing meals in. I want my family to spend time in there with me and for Quinn to tell me about his day while I make his after school snack. There is a lot I want out of this room.

Here’s the plan:

kitchen-mood-board1. I need some shelving on the walls for storage. Cookbooks, plates, cups, all the everyday stuff right there.
2. A place to sit. I bought this stool on clearance at Meijer last year for 12 bucks!
3. I have this knife rack from Ikea in silver, but I might buy the new black one.
4. Food prep area. Plus I just love marble.
5. Cutting boards. I love stacked cutting boards on counters. It’s just cozy.
6. A new garbage can.
7. White subway tile with black grout on every wall.
8. Some kind of island, add more counter area.
9. New lights, this one is from Ikea.
10. Vintage floral curtains.
11. Butcher block counter.
12. Benjamin Moore Simply White for the upper cabinets and wall (I have this left over from the condo).
13. Benjamin Moore Moonlight White for the trim (I have this left over from the condo).
14. Benjamin Moore Deep Space for the lower cabinets.
15. Benjamin Moore Onyx, incase I paint the floor.

Oh, and my goal is to do this all under $350. Can’t wait to get started!

Inspiration, Naperville House

The Master Bedroom

Ahh, the master bedroom. I have waited almost 2 years to start redoing you. I can no longer take your ugly vertical half broken blinds, your builder white scratched up walls, and blindingly fake gold door handles and hinges. Yuck, yuck. No more. Its time to update this bitch. Yeah, I said it.

Here is the room when we first looked at the house. Ill spare you any current photos since my room is still filled with “office” boxes and piles of clothes (Hello?! Put this crap away already!).


Don’t mind all the butts. It was the only picture I had showing this angle of the room.

I really want a relaxing room for me and my husband. We have never really had a bedroom that was put together in any way. We have always lived in a temporary space so never really bothered with decorating. Well, the time has finally come and I am so excited!

First up is the bedroom area.

1. We don’t have any dressers and haven’t had any for a few years now. Im on the hunt for some good mid-century dressers!
2. I love these from Anthropologie (no longer available, bummer).
3. Plants! We need more freaking plants in this house!
4. Bedding. We need to get out of the jersey / college sheets and into adult sheets. asap.
5. Fun throw blanket.
6. Ceiling fan! Neither bedroom have fans (or lights) so we are adding them.
7. Pratt desk from West Elm. I bought this one a few years ago.
8. Vintage Knoll Chair. My favorite office chair. So comfy!
9. A Bed. We need some kind of bed / headboard for our room.

And for the vanity area..


1. I am in love with this wallpaper from Hygge & West.
2. Lighting from Schoolhouse Electric.
3. I got this stool a few months ago from Meijer. It was on clearance for $12!
4. Some kind of vintage rug. I love bright Kilim Rugs!
5. I really need some type of wall storage. I love this one from Ikea.
6. I also love this simple drawer storage from Ikea. It would fit perfectly under the counter.

Inspiration, Naperville House

Quinn’s Bedroom Mood Board

Way back in January we decided to redo Quinn’s bedroom.  We had been living in our house for a year and I really wanted him to have a room he could be proud of instead of the weird cat pee smelling, messy room that he had. Oh, and I should mention that we don’t have cats. Yuck. The first thing I did was sit down with Quinn and come up with a plan for his room. This is the mood board we came up with.



1. Eventually we are going to do hardwood throughout the house, so for now we decided to go with these TrafficMASTER carpet tiles.
2. A simple black and white duvet cover. It’s soft, comfy and will look perfect with a throw over it.
3. I was really pleasantly surprised with how soft this throw is.
4. A basket to fill with super hero masks.
5. I am in love with this lighting line.
6. Gray ombre curtains.
7. This side table makes the perfect art table for his room.
8. I bought this print off Etsy when we still lived in Chicago. Its taken from a window in Los Angeles. Since Quinn was born in LA I thought it would be a prefect print in his room.
9. This light from his room in the condo.
10. Storage box.
11. Metal storage boxes.
12. Vintage chair I bought at an estate sale
13. Another vintage chair from his room in the condo.
14. Shelving for more storage.

Click here to see the bedroom reveal!