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Agh, so Dumb.

so dumb

Agh, I am so dumb. Last week my husband got a call from a friend in LA. He wanted to know if Keith could help with a video equipment rental in Chicago. Work has been a little slow the last few weeks, so of course he was up for helping out. Well that turned into hey, can you drive this down to Missouri for the shoot? And that turned into hey, do you want to help out on this month long shoot? So, I am single mothering it for the next month.

But let me get to the dumb part. Keith had to bring the computer with him. I cleared all my stuff off my user on the computer, just incase, and he took it down with him. I figured I would just work off my ancient laptop, and everything would be good. I cleared my laptop off of all the screenshots and crap that has piled up over the years. I also deleted my old Adobe programs, thinking ooh, we have Adobe Creative Cloud now. I will just delete these old programs and log into the cloud. I cleared the trash, and went to log into Creative Cloud. Except my laptop is way to freaking old for CC. And I have no clue where the install discs are for the old Adobe programs.

Long story short, I have no Lightroom, Photoshop, or Illustrator for the next month. Yikes. This should be fun. So cheers to editing photos on my phone, and roughing it for the next month. Total first world problems, I know.

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