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The Flooring plan

Not too long ago, I posted about this amazing surprise that ended up ripping my heart out. Basically, we discovered original wood flooring under the carpet in our new house. We were so excited, until we reached the living room. And the flooring stopped. We were left with ugly laminate flooring from who knows when.


So in one part of the house we had this amazing original floor, dying to be restored, and the other end was full of multiple layers of weird laminates and green carpet.  I looked everywhere to try to find a match to this wood flooring, but had zero luck. We came to the conclusion that we would have to rip up this floor. I want a house that flows together, not choppy rooms and different floors.

So here we are, ready to buy our flooring. But I just couldn’t. I knew I needed to look one more time. I came across this article (posted 3 days before I found it). It was my damn floor! And places I could find it! It was clearly meant to be. I ordered a sample and got it a few weeks ago. Its almost a perfect match. Just 50+ years newer.


So now, I finally have a flooring plan for this house. I know this is the most legit floor plan known to man, but try to control your excitement while I explain.

floorplanSo, the original flooring stops right where the corner of the utility room meets the living room. The new wood flooring will be going in the dining room / music room on the other side of the house. No one will ever know its brand new, it can be our secret. The kitchen, living room, and that little entry way hallway will be a slate tile floor.

Now, I know what your thinking. Tile in the living room?! What the heck? Like I tell my mom, trust me on this. We use the sliding door in the living room all the time to go outside. Think about snow, rain, dirt, and everything else that will end up on the floor. Tile will be so easy to clean, plus I want the two rooms to feel like one big room. I will be buying the tile soon, so Ill wait to share that!

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